A voting precinct is a place close to the area in which you live where you will go to vote. There are usually multiple voting precincts within a county and your precinct’s location can change depending upon the address of your legal residence. On election day, you are supposed to vote in the election precinct where you have your legal residence and in which you are registered. If you move from the precinct in which you are registered, you may vote in the precinct to which you have moved your legal residence, if the change of residence is within the same county or the precinct to which you have moved your legal residence is within a county that uses an electronic database as a precinct register at the polling place, and you completes an affirmation. (§ 101.045, Fla. Stat.) Although typically, after you register to vote, you will be notified of your voting precinct, it is wise to check your local Supervisor of Elections’ website for your current precinct location prior to Election Day.