If you cannot afford an attorney, the judge may appoint an attorney from the Public Defender’s Office to represent you. If the judge does not offer to appoint a Public Defender, ask for one.  Unless you hire an attorney, you do not have an attorney until the judge appoints a Public Defender.  An attorney from the Public Defender’s Office will be in court during first appearances. First appearance hearings are only held to determine whether probable cause exists to support the arrest, and what an appropriate bond amount should be. It is likely you will not get a chance to speak to this attorney about your case during first appearance. The attorney likely will not know much about the case and will likely tell you to not say anything to anyone until the attorney who will actually represent you can talk to you. It is important to remember that prosecutors are also present at first appearance, and anything you say about your case can and will be used against you[1].

[1] Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.111.