Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) provides coverage regardless of whether you cause an accident (are “at-fault”). PIP is designed to reduce the necessity of suing for reimbursement of injuries in auto accidents. PIP may pay for 80% of reasonable and necessary medical expenses, 60% of lost wages and $5,000 for death benefits (§ 627.736, Fla. Stat.). As of 2013, Florida’s PIP statute provides for medical expense coverage only if treatment is given within 14 days of the accident. Thereafter, only reasonable follow-up care related to diagnoses made at the initial visit are covered. Medical benefit coverage is capped at $2,500 unless a medical doctor, dentist, physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner has found an “emergency medical condition.” Only then can you receive $10,000 in medical benefit coverage. (§ 627.736, Fla. Stat.).