What is Selective Service System?

The Selective Service System is an agency under the authority of the Executive Branch of the federal government. The U.S. president appoints and the senate confirms the agency’s director. Its legislative authority is the Military Selective Service Act.

What is the mission of the Selective Service System?

There is a two part mission. First is to deliver untrained manpower to the armed forces in the time of emergency as determined by the Department of Defense. The second part is to administer an alternative service program for conscientious objectors.

Who must register?

All male U.S. citizens must register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of turning 18. Male aliens living in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 25 must also register, regardless of their legal right to be in the country. Non-citizen males of age must register to protect their future hopes of…


How do I register?

Registration may be done at any United States Post Office. For more information and for males who have a social security number and wish to register online, please visit www.sss.gov