Reduce your use of plastic and paper packaging (grocery bags and water bottles), consume less potable water with restrictive shower heads and low volume toilets. Irrigate only when necessary. Use native flora and landscaping near your home. Use energy efficient lighting and AC systems as needed. See more tips at (External Link). Many animals and birds are protected species under law. The Florida Wildlife Commission lists hundreds of endangered species. Your local wildlife center and state parks are excellent sources of information. Protected animals include the Florida panther, manatee, scrub jay, and gopher tortoise to name a few.  Learn to combat invasive species in Florida by NOT releasing aquarium fish, reptiles, plants, live bait, or other exotic species into the wild or your neighborhood.  Clean your boat, off road vehicle, boots, and other gear after every excursion into Florida’s non developed areas to prevent transportation of stowaway pests and weed seeds. Enjoy the wildlife but do not feed them human food. Civil and criminal penalties are possible under federal and state law for illegal conduct.