Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Is someone you know in need of mental health or substance abuse services?

There are procedures by which an individual can seek intervention for persons who have mental health or substance abuse problems that reach a certain threshold.

What is the Baker Act?

The Baker Act is a Florida Statute that permits the involuntary admission of a person to a treatment facility for a mental health examination. An adult may be held for up to seventy-two hours for the involuntary examination.  The examination period for a minor (someone who is seventeen or younger) is shorter.  The examination will…


What is the Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act is a Florida Statute that provides for the voluntary or involuntary commitment of a person for a substance abuse assessment. The Petition asking the Court to force a person to be assessed must show that there are good faith reasons to believe that:  (1) the person is substance abuse impaired, (2) because…


Where do I go to get help for someone?

The Clerk of Court in the county where the individual resides will have sample forms and documents that can be used to get someone help. The papers are required to be notarized and sworn under penalty of perjury. A Judge assigned to hear those cases in the county will review the Petitions and sign whatever…