Do You Have To Pay Rent If The Property Is Under Foreclosure?

A tenant is liable according to the terms of the lease. The filing of a foreclosure suit does not typically terminate a lease, and a failure to pay rent may result in breach of contract (See WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU BREAK A LEASE? above). In some cases, the tenant may be required to pay rental…


What Must The Tenant Do To Maintain The Premises?

The tenant must also follow applicable building, housing and health codes and statutes. The tenant has an obligation to keep the premises clean and sanitary; remove garbage; keep plumbing fixtures clean, sanitary and in repair; use equipment and appliances in a reasonable manner; not destroy, deface or remove property of the landlord or allow those…


What Must The Landlord Do To Maintain The Premises?

The landlord must follow all applicable building, housing and health codes and statutes. This usually means keeping roofs, windows, screens, doors, floors, steps, porches, exterior walls, foundations, and structural components in good repair and the plumbing in reasonable working condition. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, for any rentals other than a single family house or…


Does The Landlord Have a Right to Enter the Tenant’s Residence?

The landlord or those hired to perform work for the landlord may enter the residence from time to time to inspect the premises; make necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements; supply agreed services; or exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workers, or contractors. The landlord may also enter…


Can The Tenant Get His Or Her Security Deposit Back?

Once a tenant vacates the premises at the end of the rental agreement or abandonment with proper notice to the landlord, the landlord has 15 days to refund the security deposit or 30 days to send a certified letter to the tenant imposing a claim on the deposit and stating the amount and the reason…


What Happens If You Break A Lease?

There are rare circumstances that might allow you to break the lease; however, in most cases you may be sued, and held liable for damages, unpaid rent, advertising, expenses, court costs, attorney’s fees, etc. You may also lose your deposit depending on the provision of the lease.

Is A Written Lease For A Residence Necessary?

A written lease is not required, but it is a good idea because a lease defines what the landlord (owner) and the tenant (renter) must do. In the absence of a written lease, some lease terms may not be enforceable.