How Are People Selected For Jury Duty?

In each county the clerk of the court selects at random enough juror candidates from driver license lists to fill a jury. If selected for jury duty, you will receive a notice in the mail. You must appear at the location indicated when notified or contact the clerk of the court if you have a…


Will I Lose My Job Or My Pay When I Have Jury Duty?

You cannot lose your job because of your jury duty, §40.271, Fla. Stat.  However, employers are not required to continue to pay wages to employees who are on jury duty under State law (§ 40.24, Fla. Stat.). There are some county ordinances (e.g., Broward County) that require some employers to pay some employees for their…


Do Jurors Get Paid?

Yes. In Florida state court, jurors who are not employed regularly or who do not continue to be paid their regular wages while serving as a juror are paid $15 per day for the first three days and $30 per day starting on the fourth day of jury service and each day afterward, but they…


Who Will Be Excused From Jury Duty?

The judge will excuse a governor, lieutenant governor, a cabinet officer, a sheriff, a deputy, a municipal police officer, a clerk of the court or a judge. A judge will also excuse a person who is involved in the case, who is physically incapacitated, or who is being prosecuted for a crime or has been…


If You Are Called For Jury Duty, Will You Automatically Serve As A Juror?

No. More people are called than will be chosen as jurors. People may be excused from a jury by the judge or one of the attorneys for a variety of reasons. However, a prospective juror may not be struck from a jury for any reason based on a protected class (women, minorities, hearing impaired).

What Are The Qualifications For Serving On A Jury?

You must be at least 18, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Florida, and you must have a valid driver license (§ 40.01, Fla. Stat.), or identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or an executed affidavit as prescribed in § 40.011, Fla. Stat.