Section 316.3045(1), Florida Statutes, provides that it is unlawful for any person operating or occupying a motor vehicle on a street or highway to operate or amplify the sound produced by a radio, tape player, or other mechanical sound making device or instrument from within the motor vehicle so that it is audible at a distance of 25 feet or more from the motor vehicle or is louder than necessary for the convenient hearing of persons inside the vehicle, in areas adjoining churches, schools, or hospitals.[1]

UPDATE: The Florida Supreme Court, however, has determined this statute is invalid. In the State of Florida vs. Richard T. Catalano, 104 So. 3d 1069 (Fla. 2012), the Supreme Court ruled that section 316.3045(1)(a) is an unreasonable restriction on the freedom of expression. The Court also found that the statute is unconstitutionally overbroad, but not unconstitutionally vague. The Court also found section 316.3045(3) is not severable from the remainder of the statute.

[1] § 316.3045, Fla. Stat.