The easiest and fastest way for a man who has a valid social security number to register is online. Registration may also be done at most high schools or any United States Post Office. For more information and for males who have a social security number and wish to register online, please visit

Currently, 27 states (including Florida) include as part of their application for a driver’s permit, license or identification card a statement telling applicants that by applying for a permit, license or ID card they are consenting to have their information automatically used to register them with Selective Service.[1] In these “automatic” states, consent to registration is a requirement of obtaining driving privileges (or a government-issued ID card). Thirteen other states provide an option to get registered with the Selective Service as a part of an eligible male applicant’s application for a driver’s permit, license or ID card.

[1] §322.0515, Fla. Stat.