Environmental Awareness

Florida has a very unique and idyllic environment encompassing its water, air, earth, and wildlife. Our social responsibility regarding use and preservation of Florida’s natural resources requires our due diligence and compliance with federal and state laws. Twenty million Florida residents and nearly 100 million annual visitors are equally responsible for acknowledging and protecting our…


Recommended Practices

Reduce your use of plastic and paper packaging (grocery bags and water bottles), consume less potable water with restrictive shower heads and low volume toilets. Irrigate only when necessary. Use native flora and landscaping near your home. Use energy efficient lighting and AC systems as needed. See more tips at https://floridadep.gov/osi (External Link). Many animals and…


What other resources are available?

An excellent source of information updated weekly is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection www.dep.state.fl.us  . The home page lists regulatory plans, public notices, pending legislation, news articles, and educational calendars. Your local police and fire departments may also have information regarding disposal of waste and amnesty programs.