Can Medical Marijuana be Consumed Everywhere?

No. Medical marijuana may not be consumed: in public places unless it is low-THC marijuana; on public transportation, or in a school bus, a vehicle, an aircraft, or a motorboat unless it is low-THC marijuana; in a correctional institute; at a qualified patient’s place of employment unless permitted by the employer; on the grounds of…


May a Qualified Patient Vape Medical Marijuana?

Yes. Medical marijuana may be vaped through a vape pen, which is formally referred to as a “marijuana delivery device” in the statute.  The statute defines a marijuana delivery device as “[a]n object used, intended for use, or designed for use in preparing, storing, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing marijuana into the human body, and…


Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

A Florida licensed medical physician[1] or osteopathic physician[2] must hold an active, unrestricted physician license, completed a medical marijuana course and examination required by the Department, treated the patient (in person, physical examinations) for at least three months immediately before the patient’s registration (qualified patient), obtained voluntary written informed consent from the patient for the…


What are the Requirements to Become a Caregiver?

The Caregiver must be over 21 and must: (i) agree in writing to assist the Qualified Patient’s medical use of marijuana; (ii) be registered in the medical marijuana use registry as a Caregiver; (iii) must successfully complete a Caregiver certification course; and (iv) pass a background screening.   The Caregiver may not be: (i) a…


What Qualifies as a Debilitating Medical Condition?

Cancer Epilepsy Glaucoma HIV AIDS Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Crohn’s disease Parkinson’s disease Multiple sclerosis Other debilitating medical conditions comparable to those listed above, for which the physician believes the benefits of marijuana use will likely outweigh the potential health risks to the patient A terminal condition diagnosed by a physician…


Is It a Crime to Use Marijuana Without a Medical Need?

Yes. A qualified patient shall: have a debilitating medical condition, have the appropriate identification card; only use medical marijuana in permitted places, not transfer the medical marijuana to anyone else, and be placed in the compassionate use registry by the physician prescribing the medical marijuana.  Fraudulent representation shall be a first degree misdemeanor.[1] [1] §…


Who is allowed to use Medical Marijuana in Florida?

A Qualified Patient. A Qualified Patient is defined as a Florida resident who: (i) has been diagnosed with a Debilitating Medical Condition; (ii) has a Physician Certification; and (iii) has a valid qualifying Patient Identification Card issued by the Florida Department of Health.[1]

[1] § 381.986, Fla. Stat.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

Yes. Article X, Section 29 of the Florida Constitution and Section 381.986, Florida Statutes permits and regulates the use of medical marijuana.  Marijuana is a Schedule I drug under both Florida and Federal law. Federal Law still prohibits the use of marijuana even when used medically.